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Out of all the Golden Visa Programs being offered around the world there is one that stands out because of its obstacle free path, low cost, strength of the second passport, and the overall experience of living in the country.

I am of course talking about the Golden Visa Program offered in Portugal. Depending on the amount of money that you desire to invest you can almost immediately become a resident of Portugal and reap all the benefits that come with this visa. In the following article I will be mentioning all the different investment options offered in the Portuguese Golden Visa Program.

With the purchase of real estate in Portugal valued at €500,000 you and your whole family immediately qualify for a Portuguese residency. The only condition is that the house that you purchased must be part of an approved listing.

As part of the investment you must also prove that you have enough income to support all of your dependents and have all your documents in line. Meaning that your financial history must be in top shape and your criminal records must be clean.

The most popular residency by investment program offered by Portugal is the one that costs €350,000. This is due to how cheap it is and because by doing so you help preserve old houses that have been damaged by time.

Even though the investment might reach more than that amount you can stop at €350,000 as long as the architect heading the refurbishing has an approved licence by the government and the house is over 30 years old and part of what is called the Urban Regeneration Zone.

€350,000 is also the amount of money that you need for another investment that leads to a residency in Portugal. If you donate that amount of money into research and development being promoted by Portugal you immediately qualify for a residency visa.

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This is a great opportunity for those that want a quick obstacle free path to a Portuguese citizenship. The only problem is that, compared to the other options mentioned in this article, you do not get your money back.

Portugal is in dire need of investment and they will welcome you with open hands. As opposed to other countries they will give you all the help you need in order to achieve this. Plus you get to own property inside of the country and do whatever you want with it after you become a citizen of Portugal.This was just a quick guide to obtaining a second passport from Portugal, there are a number of things that must be done for you to start enjoying your second passport. That is where our professionals at Global Citizen Solutions come in.

Please send us a message so we can answer any and all questions you might have. We will happily guide you through the whole process and you can start applying for the Portugal Golden Visa Program immediately. We make it so the only thing you have to worry about is what part of Portugal you want to live in.